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New Year's Eve
December 31
Abide with Us
Luke 24:25-35 & Hymnal CW588
Pastor Hermanson
December 26
God Sent His Son!
+ To become a child for us +
+ To make us children through him +
Galations 4:4-7
Vicar Behnken
Christmas Day
December 25
God's Word is Intimate and Personal
+ The Word IS God +
+ The Word became flesh +
John 1:1-14
Pastor Hermanson
Christmas Eve
December 24
Look into the Manger!
See God's grace to save you
See God's grace to guide you
See God's grace to give you hope
Titus 2:11-14
Vicar Behnken
Christmas Eve
December 24
The Absolute Best Gift Ever Has Already Been Given
Luke 2:1-20
Pastor Ungemach
Advent Mid-week
December 15
God's Coming Kingdom Gives Us Strength and Courage!
Isaiah 35
Pastor Ungemach
December 12
Should We Expect Someone Else?
+ Not when we see the work Jesus accomplishes +
+ Not when we see the greatness Jesus offers +
Matthew 11:2-11
Vicar Behnken
Advent Mid-week
December 8
God's Kingdom Is Worth Waiting For!
Isaiah 11:1-10
Pastor Hermanson
December 5
Preparing IS Repenting
+ No other way to be ready for Christ +
+ No other way to escape the coming Judgment +
Matthew 3:1-12
Pastor Ungemach
Advent Mid-week
December 1
God's Kingdom IS Coming!
Isaiah 2:1-5
Vicar Behnken
November 28
Do You Believe that Jesus Is Coming?
+ Watch you heart +
+ Understand what God has promised to do +
+ Be ready for Christ's return +
Matthew 24:37-44
Pastor Hermanson
November 25
REMEMBER and give thanks!
Deuteronomy 8:18
Pastor Ungemach
November 21
A Surprising King!
+ His surprising kingly power +
+ His surprising kingly pardon +
Luke 23:35-43
Vicar Behnken
November 14
Look Up and Look Forward Saints!
+ To a NEW heavens and a new earth +
+ To a new, flawless, fulfilling, joyous, eternal reality +
Isaiah 65:17-25
Pastor Ungemach
November 7
Glorify the Coming Lord!
+ Marvel in how he justly condemns the unbeliever
+ Marvel in how he mercifully delivers his believers
2 Thessalonians 1:5-10
Pastor Hermanson
October 24
God Comes to Wrestle With You
+ Wrestle in the power of the Lord
+ Wrestle for the blessing of the Lord
Genesis 32:22-30
Pastor Hermanson
October 17
Remembering Jesus Christ...
Calls for our thanks
Calls for our faithfulness
2 Timothy 2:8-13
Vicar Behnken
October 10
When Trusting Christ Is Our Life...
1. Then we build others up, not trip others up
2. Then we forgive as he has forgiven us
3. Then we posses super human power
4. Then we serve humbly, not haughtily
Luke 17:1-10
Pastor Hermanson
October 3
The Fight of Faith Has Consequences
As you believe, so you will live... As you live, so you will die...
As you die, so you will be judged... As you are judged, so you will remain - forever..
Luke 16:19-31
Pastor Ungemach
September 26
Your Reasons to Rejoice Today:
+ God cares for you through his mighty angels +
+ Your name is written in heaven +
Psalm 91:9-12 & Luke 10:20b
Pastor Ungemach
September 19
God Has Given Us the Gospel!
The Gospel is forever
The Gospel is for everyone
Revelation 14:6-7
Vicar Behnken
September 12
Jesus Is In A Class Of His Own
1. In what he demands
2. In what he gives to us
3. In how he is loved by us
Luke 14:25-33
Pastor Hermanson
September 5
Humble Christian, Find Your Worth Here!
+ Being exalted by God in his time
+ Receiving the blessings of the resurrection
Luke 14:1-14
Pastor Ungemach
August 29
Enter Through Heaven's Narrow Door
+ Always struggle to fit
+ Never doubt you will
Vicar Behnken
August 22
With Whom Will You Take Your Stand?
Satan, the Deceiver, or the Lord, Our Savior
1. Satan tempts us with his lies to forget our Savior
2. Jesus empowers us with his truth to speak his Word faithfully
Jeremiah 23:23-29
Pastor Hermanson
August 15
What Sweet Dreams Own Our Hearts?
The Father has given us his kingdom
The Father is giving us his generous heart
Luke 12:32-40
Pastor Hermanson
August 8
The Meaning and Purpose of Life?
1. Only fools think that it is piling up "stuff"
2. The wise know it is being "rich toward God"
Luke 12:13-21
Pastor Ungemach
August 1
Lord, Teach Us To Pray!
1. For the blessings that please you
2. With a heart that pleases you
Luke 11:1-13
Pastor Hermanson
July 25
Are You Challenged By The BETTER Choice?
Push aside all distractions (even service!)
Jesus would rather have you LISTENING
Luke 10:38-42
Pastor Ungemach
July 18
What Does My "Faith" Reveal About Me?
Am I Just Trying to Justify Myself? Or...
Am I Demonstrating My Understanding of God's Love?
Luke 10:25-37
Pastor Ungemach
July 11
What Counts is God's New Creation Creating Us Anew
1. The new creation born of the cross of Christ
2. The new creation that lives to please the Spirit
Galations 6:1-16
Pastor Hermanson
July 4
God's Answer to the "I'm the Only One Left" Syndrome"
1. Go back -- to your life
2. Get on with it -- what that Lord has called you to do
1 Kings 19:14-21
Pastor Ungemach
June 27
Deny Yourself In Order To Acknowledge Your Lord
Lose everything for Jesus' sake
Hold on in faith to Jesus and his Word
Matthew 10:32-39
Pastor Hermanson
June 20
The Only Path To True Gospel Freedom
+ Never Fear Repentance (yours or theirs) + Always Embrace Christ's Righteousness +
Galatians 2:11-21
Pastor Ungemach
June 13
Our Faith is Rooted
Not in man's fiction + But in God's truth
Galatians 1:11-24
Pastor Hermanson
June 6
Just Say the Word
Juva, Jesu! (Jesus, Help!)
Luke 7:1-10
Pastor Christie
May 30
Holy Trinity, Make Us Hungry to Learn What You Are Passionate to Teach
+ May your single-minded truth be our single-minded truth + May your treasures invested in us bring you glory +
John 16:12-15
Pastor Hermanson
May 23
Pentecost is Powerful Stuff!
+ Just look + Just listen + Just speak +
John 15:26-27
Pastor Christie
May 16
The Lord of the Church Personally Directs His Work
+ Not always where we might expect to go
+ But always where his Word needs sharing
Acts 16:6-10
Pastor Ungemach
May 13
Commentary on Acts 1:1-11 Pastor Christie
May 9
The Word of Life Comes to Lystra
+ Healing dead limbs + Exciting dead hearts + Proclaiming the living God +
Acts 14:8-18
Pastor Christie
May 2
Love Sacrifices to Bring Glory to God
Jesus' love sacrificed to bring glory to the Father
Our love sacrifices to bring glory to our God
John 13:31-35
Pastor Hermanson
April 25
The Good Shepherd's Sheep Trust Him
+ He knows them and gives them eternal life + They listen to him and follow him +
John 10:22-30
Pastor Hermanson
April 18
Jesus wants to build up his body
He gives you his Word and his workers to prepare you
He matures you to speak his truth in love
Ephesians 4:11-15
Pastor Nate Scharf
April 11
Believing IS Seeing!
John 20:19-31
Pastor Ungemach
Easter Sunday
April 4
He Broke Death's Grasp and is Alive Again!
Hear the good news + Believe the good news + Share the good news
Luke 24
Pastor Hermanson
Maundy Thursday
April 1
We Preach Christ Crucified in His Holy Supper
Corinthians 11:23-26
Pastor Ungemach
Palm Sunday
March 28
Blessed is the King who comes to save
Ride on to die + Ride on to conquer + Ride on to glory
Luke 19:28-40
Pastor Hermanson
Midweek Lent VI
March 24
No Longer Dead, but Alive
Colossians 2:13-15
Pastor Ungemach
March 21
Learn the lesson of the Vineyard
A Lesson of Grace + A Lesson of Rejection + A Lesson of Persistence
Luke 20
Pastor Christie
Midweek Lent V
March 17
Peace With God Through Our Lord Jesus Christ
A life of peace + Unholy discord + The blessed fruit of the new tree of life: peace
A peace born of heavenly love
Romans 5:1-11
Pastor Ungemach
March 14
Sing the Song of Salvation
A song that begins in the heart of God
A song repeated in the hearts of his people
Isaiah 12
Pastor Christie
Midweek Lent IV
March 10
The Reason to Endure
The Christian Race
Endurance Lost
The Endurance of the great cloud of witnesses
Jesus' patient endurance restores ours
Hebrews 12:1-3
Pastor Hermanson
Midweek Lent III
March 3
More Precious Than Life
Jesus' cross - more important than his life
Jesus' cross - more precious than St. Paul's life
Jesus' cross - more precious than our lives
Philippians 3:7-11
Pastor Ungemach
February 28
O Antioch, Antioch, How I Long to Gather Your Children Together!
1. Jesus' love is rejected.
2. Jesus' love is determined.
Luke 13
Pastor Hermanson
Midweek Lent II
February 24
Justified by Grace Alone Through Faith Alone
Romans 3:21-26
Pastor Christie
February 21
Jesus Defeats Satan Every Time!
Revealing his deceptions
Crushing him with Scripture
Luke 4:1-13
Pastor Ungemach
Ash Wednesday
February 17
Trust the Foolish Wisdom of the Cross
1 Corinthians 1:20-25
Pastor Hermanson
February 14
God Speaks About His Son
+ To Peter on the Mountain + To His Prophets of Old + To Us Through His Word +
2 Peter 1:16-21
Pastor Christie
February 7
Trade Your Hook for a Book!
Luke 5:1-11
Pastor Christie
January 31
Familiarity Either Breeds Contempt or Builds Faith
Luke 4:20-32
Pastor Hermanson
January 24
What Is a Messiah Supposed To Do?
+ Preach + Redeem + Restore +
Isaiah 61
Pastor Christie
January 17
Jesus Reveals Himself to Be the Friend You Need
In his humility + his mercy + his love + his wisdom + his power
John 2:1-11
Pastor Ungemach
January 10
Don't Look for Glitz When You Look to God
Titus 3:4-7
Pastor Bauer, SLHS
January 6
Who Is the Wise Man?
Herod the King + The Teachers of the Law + The Magi from the East
Matthew 2:1-12
Pastor Christie
January 3
A Heart of Praise in the New Year
Luke 1:68-75
Pastor Hermanson

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