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New Year's Eve
December 31
The Lord Longs to Fill Our New Year with Grace
+ Will we have none of it? or +
+ Will we have all of it? +
Isaiah 30:15-18
Pastor Hermanson
December 30
Stand By Your God, Who Stands By You!
+ He became your suffering brother +
+ He is your conquering High Priest +
Hebrews 2:10-18
Pastor Getka
Christmas Day
December 25
God Sent His Son
+ To set you free +
+ To make you his child +
Galatians 4:4-5
Seminarian Joshua Schultz
Christmas Eve
December 24
Tell Me Mary, Who Is Your Child?
He is God's payment to purchase us
He is God's guarantee of our adoption
Luke 2:1-20
Pastor Hermanson
Christmas Eve
December 24
Good News Of Great Joy!
Intended for all people, but…
Never forget this Savior Child was born for YOU!
Luke 2:1-20
Pastor Ungemach
Midweek Advent
December 19
Lord Jesus, Come to Me with Your Power
1 John 4:17-19
Pastor Ungemach
December 16
God's Saving Presence Prompts Profound Response
+ A pre-born baby leaps for joy! +
+ An elderly soon-to-be mother acknowledges a "better" miracle! +
+ A lowly virgin proclaims the greatness of her Savior and his salvation +
Luke 1:39-55
Pastor Ungemach
Midweek Advent
December 12
Lord Jesus, Come to Me with Your Love
1 John 4
Pastor Hermanson
December 9
God Keeps His Word, The Lord is Coming
+ But who can endure the day? +
+ he will purify us like gold +
Malachi 4:1-4
Pastor Hermanson
Midweek Advent
December 5
Lord Jesus, Come to Me with Your Truth
1 John 4:1-6
Pastor Ungemach
December 2
A Prayer of Advent Preparation, Lord…
+ Supply what our faith is lacking +
+ Increase our love for each other and everyone else +
+ Strengthen our conviction to live our faith +
1 Thessalonians 3:9-13
Pastor Ungemach
November 25
King Jesus Testifies to the Truth
+ What is the truth? +
+ Are we on the side of truth? +
John 18:33-37
Pastor Hermanson
November 22
Does Your Giving Thanks Lead YOU to Contentment?
Philippians 4:10-20
Pastor Ungemach
November 18
Saints, Always See These Simple Certainties!
Distress & Deliverance, Resurrection, Wisdom & righteousness shining forever!
Daniel 12:1-3
Pastor Ungemach
November 11
We're Ready and Waiting for God's Last Judgment
+ Ponder God's model +
+ Believe God's sacrifice +
+ Anticipate God's salvation +
Hebrews 9:24-28
Pastor Hermanson
Reformation Sunday
November 4
God Can Do Whatever He Wants With Us
+ "I am preparing a disaster for you." +
+ "Turn from your evil ways, each one of you, and reform your ways." +
Jeremiah 18:1-11
Pastor Hermanson
October 28
Dear Friends, Contend For the Faith!
+ Heresy, scoffing, denial and immorality will always challenge us +
+ Grace, mercy, peace, love and faith in Christ will always win eternally +
Jude 1:4; Jude 1:17-23
Pastor Ungemach
October 21
Jesus, Look On Us And Love Us
+ Reveal the depths of our sins and the hopelessness of our efforts +
+ Reveal the power of  your holiness and the cleansing of your blood +
Mark 10:17-27
Pastor Hermanson
October 14
Do We Have A Pharisee's Faith, Or a Child's Faith?
+ Hard in sin + Soft in grace +
Mark 10:2-16
Pastor Hermanson
October 7
The Key To Being "For" God
+ Squelch competitive pride and jealousy in yourself +
+ Work for the good of the Kingdom and others +
Numbers 11:16-29
Pastor Ungemach
September 30
Humble Yourself Before God and Understand Your Future
+ Our Savior will protect us in the dark and evil times +
+ Our Savior will deliver us in the great resurrection +
Daniel 10:10-14, Daniel 12:1-3
Pastor Hermanson
September 24
Believer, Show Your Faith to the World!
+ By never showing favoritism +
+ By understanding salvation is an inheritance +
+ By meeting the needs of the most desperate around us +
James 2:1-18
Pastor Ungemach
September 16
He Does Everything Well!
Individually + Compassionately + Powerfully
Mark 7:31-37
Pastor Ungemach
September 9
Stand Firm In God's Armor Or You Will Die!
+ Our weakness + Satan's attack + God's Armor +
Ephesians 6:10-20
Pastor Hermanson
September 2
God's Blueprint for the Perfect Christian Home
+ A challenge to mirror selfless, unconditional service +
+ The expected response of the one selflessly served +
Ephesians 5:21-31
Pastor Ungemach
August 26
Inwardly Digest The Bread Of Life
+ Don't spit him out +
+ He gives life to our innermost being +
John 6:51-58
Pastor Hermanson
August 19
Always Look To The Lord For Your Strength
+ Every one of us gets discouraged +
+ Be aware of the Lord's sustaining presence +
+ Do whatever the Lord puts in front of you to do +
1 Kings 19:3-8
Pastor Ungemach
August 12
You Were Taught the Truth
+ No longer ignorant +
+ Made new in Christ +
Ephesians 4:17-25
Vicar Grundmeier
August 5
Our Only Hope For Fellowship With God? — His Covenant of Grace
+ His commands show that we desperately need it +
+ The Old Testament rituals symbolized and foreshadowed it +
+ Christ's New Testament sacraments seal it +
Exodus 24:3-11
Pastor Ungemach
July 29
Jesus, The Messiah, Is Our Purifying Holiness
+ He gathers his scattered people +
+ He keeps them safe and prosperous +
Jeremiah 23:1-6
Pastor Hermanson
July 22
Why Are You Crying?
+ You know where your Lord is! +
+ You have seen your Lord! +
John 20:2-18
Vicar Grundmeier
July 15
How Familiar Are You With Jesus?
+ Does it breed contempt in you? +
+ Or does it lead to honest, selfless dependence on him? +
Mark 6:1-6
Pastor Ungemach
July 8
Faith Given, Faith Tested, Faith Victorious
+ Don't Doubt + Just Believe +
Mark 21-43
Pastor Hermanson
July 1
Lessons from God's Perfect Storm
+ Faith in the Teacher, not ourselves +
+ Fear of the Creator, not creation +
Mark 4:5-41
Vicar Grundmeier
June 24
What Then Is This Child Going To Be?
+ He is the mouth of the Lord calling us to believe +
+ He is the mouth of the Lord calling us to serve +
Luke 1:57-67
Pastor Hermanson
June 17
Where are You?
+ Hiding from the Creator's all-seeing eye? +
+ Rationalizing your faulty choices? +
+ Listening to and trusting your Savior God's amazing promise? +
Genesis 3:8-15
Pastor Ungemach
June 10
God Grows Joy!
+ In deserts of despair +
+ From seeds of sorrow +
Psalm 126
Vicar Grundmeier
Trinity Sunday
June 3
To Believe Is To Trust Jesus' Word Completely
+ Apathy and arrogance reject the mysteries he has revealed +
+ Faith embraces his cross of life and his water of life +
John 3:1-17
Pastor Hermanson
8th Grade Graduation
May 31
Love the Lord's Plans!
Jeremiah 29:11
Pastoral Ministry Candidate Jacob Behnken
Pentecost Sunday
May 27
Only By The Spirit…
+ Dry bones, come to life! +
+ Son of man, prophesy! +
+ My people, know me! +
Ezekiel 37:1-14
Vicar Grundmeier
May 20 
Don't Be Afraid
+ Jesus goes with you +
+ Death is only a sleep +
Mark 5:21-43 
Seminarian Joshua Schultz
May 13
Love Each Other As I Have Loved You
+ As the Father has loved Jesus +
+ So Jesus has loved us +
+ So we are to love each other +
John 14:23
Pastor Hermanson
May 6
Why Not?
1. Go anywhere
2. Share the gospel
Acts 8:26-40
Vicar Grundmeier
April 29
He Is Ours and We Are His
+ He died for us +
+ He lives for us +
John 10:11-18
Pastor Hermanson
April 22
Christ is the Capstone!
+ Often rejected +
+ Yet chosen by God +
+ He alone is worthy of our trust +
Acts 4:8-12
Pastor Ungemach
April 15
The Risen Lord at Eye-Level
+ By his life, we have peace +
+ By faith in him, we have life +
John 20:19-31
Vicar Grundmeier
Easter Sunday
April 8
His Tomb Is Empty - What Does This Mean?
+ He who was dead is alive +
+ He who was defeated is victorious +
+ We who were sinners are saints! +
Mark 16:1-8
Pastor Hermanson
Maundy Thursday
April 5
This Is the Communion We Share
+ We share Christ's body and blood +
+ We are one body of Christ +
1 Corinthians 10:16,17
Vicar Grundmeier
Palm Sunday
April 1
Follow the King and Sing Your Own Hosannas!
+ A song truly worthy of a King +
+ A King unlike any other on earth +
Mark 11:1-10
Pastor Ungemach
March 28
Our King Is Crucified!
John 18:36-37
Vicar Grundmeier
March 25
Jesus Draws Us to His Cross
+ To see his glory in the midst of his suffering +
+ To have faith in the midst of this condemned world +
John 12:20-33
Pastor Hermanson
March 21
Glory Be to Jesus!
John 17:1-5
Pastor Ungemach
March 18
Only God's Grace Saves Us
+ From death to life + From all self-boasting +
Ephesians 2:4-10
Vicar Grundmeier
March 14
Shed No Tears for Jesus!
Luke 23:26-31
Pastor Hermanson
March 11
Jesus Always Keeps The Edge Sharp
+ Sharpening the focus of our worship +
+ Sharpening our understanding of his greater, eternal mission +
John 2:13-22
Pastor Ungemach
Mid-week Lent
March 7
It's God's Plan from Beginning to End!
Mark 14:61-62
Vicar Grundmeier
March 4
What Is Love? Christ Dying on the Cross for Us
+ To give us ungodly sinners a new life in himself +
+ To give us forgiven saints a new life to live for him +
Romans 5:1-11
Pastor Hermanson
Mid-week Lent
February 29
It's No Secret!
John 18:19-24
Pastor Ungemach
February 26
The LORD Will Provide
+ Tests that we need + Promises that he keeps +
Genesis 22:1-18
Vicar Grundmeier
Ash Wednesday
February 22
Put Your Sword Away!
John 18:4-11
Pastor Hermanson
Transfiguration Sunday
February 19
Transfiguration - A Key to Understanding Our Savior
+ By openly displaying his divine nature +
+ By anticipating his agonizing death +
+ By foreshadowing his glorious resurrection +
Mark 9:2-9
Pastor Ungemach
February 12
Jesus is Undeniably God!
+ His power is divine + His will is always best +
Mark 1:40-45
Vicar Grundmeier
February 5
See, Listen and Believe with All Your Soul
+ Our God is the healer of all diseases, so we are healed +
+ Our God is the defeater of sin, death, hell and Satan and so we are saved +
+ Our God is the giver of faith and so we can trust +
Mark 1:29-39
Pastor Hermanson
January 29
Are You Amazed When Following Jesus?
+ Finding strength from his powerful Word? +
+ Finding security from his mighty power? +
Mark 1:21-28
Pastor Ungemach
January 22
Jesus Calls Us with the Gospel
+ To faith in him + To ministry for him +
Mark 1:14-20
Vicar Grundmeier
January 15
Christ Bought Us With His Body and Blood
+ Therefore our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit +
+ Therefore Christ calls us to honor God with our bodies +
1 Corinthians 6:12-20
Pastor Hermanson
January 8
God's Splendor Is On Display
+ In the old Israel + In the true Israel + In the new Israel +
Isaiah 49:1-6
Pastor Bauer (SLHS)
January 5
God's Love Creates Us and Compels Us
His love has called us and so we come
His love has transformed us and so we are different
His love gives us himself and so he is ours and we are his
Matthew 2:1-12
Pastor Hermanson
New Year's Day
January 1
Our Lord's Name Is Salvation
His people wear it
His people share it
Vicar Grundmeier

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