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December 31
New Year's Eve
How Well is Your Garden Growing?
Is it a fruitless flop?
Is it filled with fruits of faith?
Luke 13:6-9
Pastor Christie
December 31 A Savior Who is Just Like Us
Hebrews 2:10-18
Pastor Ungemach
December 25
Christmas Day
God DID Become One of Us!
John 1:1-14
Pastor Ungemach
December 24
Christmas Candlelight
God Gives Us Good News of Great Joy for All the People
Luke 2:1-20
Pastor Hermanson
December 24
Christmas Evening
It's Still the Same Old Story
1. Same people 2. Same Savior
Luke 2:1-20
Pastor Christie
December 24
My Soul Glorifies the Lord
Luke 1:39-55
Pastor Hermanson
December 20
Mid-week Advent
We Celebrate the Birth of the Anointed King
John 18:36-37
Pastor Hermanson
17 Dezember Gott sei Dank für seine unaussprechliche Gabe!
2 Kor. 9:15
Daniel Deutschlander,
Watertown, WI
December 13
Mid-week Advent
We Celebrate the Birth of the Anointed One: The Anointed Priest
Hebrews 7:23-27
Pastor Hermanson
December 10 Will You Ace Your Advent Exam?
Fail with the Pharisees
Pass with the Prophet
Luke 3
Pastor Christie
December 6
Mid-week Advent
We Celebrate the Birth of the Anointed One: The Anointed Prophet
Deuteronomy 18-15-19
Pastor Ungemach
December 3 Hurry, He's Almost Here, Put Everything Order!
Luke 3:1-6
Pastor Hermanson
November 26 Jesus: The One-of-a-Kind King
1. Who is 2. Who was 3. Who is to come
Revelation 1:4b-8
Pastor Christie
November 19 Shining Now... Shining Forever...
Daniel 12:3
Pastor Ungemach
November 12 Christ's Execution Killed Sin and Gives Life to Sinners
Hebrews 9:24-28
Pastor Hermanson
November 5 The Sounds of Reformation
The terrifying noise of destructive fire
The smashing blow of a mighty hammer
The truthful message of faithful voices
Jeremiah 23
Pastor Hintz
October 29 Seek the Lord and Live
1. Or He will sweep through your house like a fire.
2. He will have mercy on the remnant
Amos 5:6-7,10-15
Pastor Hermanson
October 22 The Father in Heaven Has a Heart for Your Family
So have a heart for your husband or wife
So take special care with your children
Mark 10:2-16
Pastor Christie
October 15 Let the Lord do the lifting
After we've humbled ourselves
After we've stopped judging others
James 4:7-12
Pastor Ungemach
October 1 Telling the Good News about Jesus
... By Seizing Opportunities
... By Sharing Scripture
... By Keeping It Simple
Revelation 12:7-12
Pastor Christie
September 24 We are the Chosen, Gifted Children of God
1. God's gifts to us
2. Our ministry of praise to Him
James 1:17-27
Pastor Hermanson
September 17 A Prayer Request Worth Repeating
I. For all who fearlessly proclaim the Word on your behalf
II. For your own ability to fearlessly proclaim the Gospel
Ephesians 6:19-20
Pastor Ungemach
September 10 You're Never the Same after a Bite of the Bread of Life
1. Tasting, yet rejecting
2. Tasting and believing
John 6:60-69
Pastor Christie
September 3 Wisdom Sets a Banquet of Salvation for the Simple
Proverbs 9:1-6
Pastor Hermanson
August 27 Mission Impossible - Accomplished
God asks the impossible
God does the impossible
God empowers the impossible
Ephesians 4:30-5:2
Pastor Christie
August 20 Why are You Here?
John 6:28-40
Pastor Hermanson
August 13 A Day in the Life of the Son of God
Teaching, Testing, Feeding, Fleeing
John 6:1-15
Pastor Christie
August 6 Accept Only A True Shepherd
Who faithfully tends God's flock with God's Word
Who proclaims the righteousness of Christ as the flock's salvation
Jeremiah 23
Pastor Ungemach
July 30 Jesus Sends His Ambassadors with His Message
1. In his power
2. With his call to repent
Mark 6:7-13
Pastor Hermanson
July 23 Who Is This Son of Man?
1. The death trap from Galilee
2. The salvation from heaven
Mark 6:1-6
Pastor Hermanson
July 16 Take Time to Learn from the Lord
He wants to teach you about eternal life
He wants to guide you through earthly life
2 Timothy 3:14-17
Pastor Christie
July 10 Why are WE so afraid?
1. Jesus does know and he does care!
2. Jesus can calm any storm!
Mark 4:35-41
Pastor Ungemach
July 2 I The Lord Will Plant It
Ezekiel 17:22-24
Pastor Hermanson
June 25 Philippians 4:4-7 Pastor Ugis Sildegs
(Riga, Latvia)
June 18 Listen to the Lord of the Sabbath
He defines TRUE worship
He offers deliverance, not legal obligations
Mark 2:23-28
Pastor Ungemach
June 11 Do you see what I see?
1. The Holy LORD
2. Petrified People
3. Perfect Atonement
Isaiah 6:1-8
Pastor Christie
June 4 We Have a Counselor...
... as promised, to remind us, an agent of peace
John 14:25-27
Pastor Ungemach
May 28 The Pictures in the Church's Photo Album
1. Persecution, 2. Proclamation, 3. Perseverance
Acts 11:19-26
Pastor Christie
May 25
Never Stop Giving Thanks
1. For the Lord's work in you
2. For the Lord's work for you
Ephesians 1:16-23
Pastor Christie
May 21 We Live in God and God Lives in Us
1 John 4:13-21
Pastor Hermanson
May 14 Telling the Good News About Jesus
By Seizing Opportunities
By Sharing Scripture
By Keeping It Simple
Acts 8:26-40
Pastor Ungemach
May 7 The Father's love makes the world go "Wow!"
It changes relationship now
It changes reality forever
1 John 3:1-2
Pastor Christie
April 30 What A Blessed Fellowship We Have
With the Father and His Son
With the saints of history
With everyone purified by Christ
1 John 1:1-2:2
Pastor Ungemach
April 23 My LORD and My GOD
1. Blessed are those who have not seen,
2. And yet have believed
John 20:19-31
Pastor Hermanson
April 16
Easter Sunrise
Jesus' Empty Tomb is Shouting, "It is Finished!"
1. All Sin Has Been Paid For in Full
2. Eternity in Heaven is Guaranteed
John 19:30
Pastor Ungemach
April 16
Easter Sunday
The Resurrection: A Black and White Biblical Basic
1. If Jesus is dead, we live to die
2. If Jesus is alive, we die to live
1 Corinthians 15:19-26
Pastor Christie
April 13
Maundy Thursday
He Spoke a Word of Invitation
1. To a meal that unites us sinners with our Savior
2. To a meal our Savior paid for in full
Mark 14:12-26
Pastor Ungemach
9 April
Der wunderbare Einzug des gnädigen herrn und Köligs!
Er kommt, 1) um sein gefangenes Volk zu erlösen.
2) um sein Friedensreich aufzurichten.
Sacharja 9:9-11
Pastor Christie
April 9
Palm Sunday
Shout "Hosanna!"
1. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!
2. Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!
Mark 11:1-10
Pastor Hermanson
April 5
Mid-week Lent
He Spoke a Word of Accomplishment
1. He finished all he came to do
2. He paid all we owed
John 19:30
Pastor Christie
April 3 It is Time to Embrace God's Promise of Forgiveness
He has written it upon our hearts
He has already wiped our wickedness away
Jeremiah 31:31-34
Pastor Ungemach
March 29
Mid-week Lent
He Spoke a Word of Need
John 19:28
Pastor Hermanson
March 26 Keep It Simple Saints
John 3:16
Pastor Christie
March 22
Mid-week Lent
He Spoke a Word of Absolute Anguish
1. He spoke it because of me
2. He spoke it instead of me
Mark 15:34
Pastor Ungemach
March 19 Jesus' Zeal Consumed Him
1. Consumed by his enemies' hatred
2. Consumed by his love to save sinners
John 2:13-22
Pastor Hermanson
March 15
Mid-week Lent
He Spoke a Word of Tender Care
1. A Word he spoke for Mary
2. A Word he spoke for us
John 19:26-27
Pastor Christie
March 12 Following the Way of Christ IS Walking the Way of the Cross
Mark 8:31-38
Pastor Ungemach
March 8
He Spoke a Word of Promise
1. Instead of a curse
2. Jesus gives him paradise
Luke 23:43
Pastor Hermanson
March 1
Ash Wednesday
He Spoke A Word of Forgiveness
One that condemns my unforgiving heart
One that comforts my grateful heart
Luke 23:34
Pastor Ungemach
February 26 What's the Point of the Transfiguration?
Mark 9:2-9
Seminarian David Naumann
February 19 Do You Perceive It?
The Lord is Doing a New and Most Wonderful Thing!
1. While we sit clueless of how we have burdened him with our sins,
2. He comes in grace to blot out all of our transgressions
Isaiah 43:18-25
Pastor Hermanson
February 12 Jesus, Are You Willing to...
Condemn me? Have Compassion on me? Commission me?
Mark 1:40-45
Pastor Christie
February 5 Consider Losing Yourself to the Gospel
It will open you to winning others to Christ
It will increase your 'share' of gospel blessings
1 Corinthians 9:19-23
Pastor Ungemach
January 29 Focus on the Light
It shines through the Word
It shines throughout the World
Isaiah 49:1-6
Seminarian Phillip Bigelow
January 23 The Time Has Come
1. Repent and Believe
2. Come Follow Me
Mark 1:14-20
Pastor Hermanson
January 15 Don't Sell Your Baptism Short!
1. Remember it
2. Be empowered through it
Mark 1:4-11
Pastor Christie
January 8 Things Wise Men Do
Matthew 2:1-12
Pastor Bauer
January 1
New Year's Day
The Saving Power of a Precious Name...
Honored everywhere, Confessed by everyone, To the Father's glory
Philippians 2:10-11
Pastor Ungemach

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