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December 31 New Year's Eve
1 Peter 1:22-25
Pastor Hermanson
December 28 Find the Peace Simeon Found in the Christ Child
The peace of promises kept
The peace of salvation seen
Luke 2:25-40
Pastor Ungemach
Christmas Day The Best Christmas Gift of All
The Word becomes flesh
Grace forgives sin
John 1
Pastor Christie
Christmas Eve
10:30 PM
What a Night! What a Child! What a Plan!
Luke 2:10-12
Pastor Ungemach
Christmas Eve
5:30 PM
God Moves Heaven and Earth To Bring Us His Grace
Luke 2:1-7
Pastor Hermanson
December 17
Mid-week Advent
Wait for Jesus in Sureness
Luke 11:37-52
Pastor Hermanson
December 14 I Trust It Will Be As You Have Promised
Incomprehensible promises
Humble, confident faith
Luke 1:26-38
Pastor Hermanson
December 10
Mid-week Advent
Wait for Jesus in Seriousness
Watch what you want
Watch how you watch
Luke 11:29-36
Pastor Christie
December 7 Here Is Your God
He comes in power
He comes in peace
Isaiah 40:9-11
Pastor Christie
December 3
Mid-week Advent
Wait for Jesus in Stillness
Luke 11:27-28
Pastor Ungemach
November 30 Jesus Brings Us Plenty of Advent Presents
1. Salvation from our sins
2. Power to live in the present
3. Freedom from the fear of the future
Mark 8:31-38
Pastor Christie
Thanksgiving A Primer on Reasons to Thank our God
Psalm 100
Pastor Ungemach
November 23 Honor Your King!
The Condemned
The conqueror
Matthew 27:27-31
Pastor Hermanson
November 16 Ignorance is Most Certainly Not Bliss!
+ Let's grow in our knowledge of the "final things"
+ Let's encourage each other with that knowledge
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Pastor Ungemach
November 9 What Will Be My End?
Am I heading for heat?
I'm heading for home!
Matthew 25:31-36
Pastor Christie
November 2 A Reformation Reminder
1. When the lions are looking at you
2. Look to the Lord
Daniel 6
Pastor Christie
October 25 Nothing New
-You know the message
-You now are messengers
Acts 10:34-43
Pastor Doug Tomhave
October 19 Stewards Living a God-Pleasing Life:
Generosity is the Hallmark
2 Corinthians 9:6-15
Pastor Ungemach
October 12 A Christian with a Cause
What is the soul of our cause?
What is the cost of our cause?
Mark 8:31-38
Pastor Hermanson
October 5 Christian Stewardship: The Lutheran Way
Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone
Hebrews 11:1-16
Pastor Christie
September 28 The Salvation of Our God Has Come
It has hurled the devil down
It has delivered God's people in Jesus' blood
Revelation 12:7-12
Pastor Hermanson
September 21 Which Child are You... to God?
+ Offering empty promises? or,
+ Living Faithful repentance?
Matthew 21:28-3
Pastor Ungemach
September 14 Keep It Simple Saints
John 3:1-22
Pastor Christie
September 7 Am I in the Place of God?
1. You intended to harm me.
2. God intended it for good.
3. The place of the forgiven is to forgive.
Genesis 50:15-21
Pastor Hermanson
August 31 But What If?!
Matthew 18:15-20
Pastor Christie
August 24 Continue in the Convictions of Scripture
2 Timothy 3:14-17
Pastor Hermanson
August 17 How Big Is Your God?
He is purely infinite
We are puny sinners
From him, through him, and to him are all things
Romans 11:33-36
Pastor Hermanson
August 10 By Faith in Jesus Christ Alone
EVERYONE has a place at the table
Believers have their prayers answered
Matthew 15:21-28
Pastor Ungemach
August 2 These Are the Days of Our Lives
Days of Rejection, Days of Restoration, Days of Rededication
1 Kings 18:9-18
Pastor Christie
July 27 Do You See What He is Feeding Us?
1. He is our compassionate and powerful God
2. He is our all-sufficient Savior
Matthew 14:13-21
Pastor Hermanson
July 20 Is It Priceless To You?
Being a part of God's eternal kingdom?
Being counted among the good fish?
Being instructed in treasured truths, new & old?
Matthew 13:44-52
Pastor Ungemach
July 13 There are Weeds in the Wheat!
Matthew 13:24--43
Pastor Christie
July 6 God's Word Works Every Time
Isaiah 55:10-11
Pastor Hermanson
June 29 How Do You Spell Relief?
1. Relief? Reject it!
2. Relief! Rejoice in it!
Matthew 11:25-30
Pastor Christie
June 22 Raised to Life and Living to God
Romans 6:1-11
Pastor Hermanson
June 15 Speaking God's Word to God's World
...Will Certainly Bring Us Persecution and Pain
...Will Grow Our Confidence in Our Savior's Committed Love
Jeremiah 20:7-13
Pastor Ungemach
June 8 The Master Comes to Minister
He knows our needs
He fills our needs
Matthew 9:35-10:8
Pastor Christie
June 1 Jesus Became What He Was Not,
In Order to Make Us What We Were Not

1 Timothy 1:12-17
Pastor Hermanson
May 25 Put the Word to Work In Your Life!
Deuteronomy 11
Pastor Christie
May 18 What Now?!?
We make disciples
We worship, obey, walk with God, and wait for Him
Matthew 28:16-20
Pastor Ungemach
May 11 Lord, Pour Out Your Spirit!
Acts 2:1-21
Pastor Hermanson
May 4 What Should I Be Someday?
Be humble. Be alert. Be patient.
1 Peter 5:6-11
Pastor Christie
May 1
God Has Ascended Amid Shouts of Joy!
Psalm 47
Pastor Ungemach
April 27 Lord; Plant, Water, and Weed Your Seed in our Hearts!
Matthew 13:3-13, 18-23
Pastor Hermanson
April 20 The Ultimate Comfort and Direction for Life's Journey
+ Knowing the amazing truth of WHERE we are headed
+ Knowing exactly HOW we are going to get there
John 14:1-12
Pastor Ungemach
April 13 The Sovereign Lord Is a Good Shepherd
1. He gathers the LOST sheep
2. He feeds the HUNGRY sheep
3. He strengthens the WEAK sheep
Ezekiel 34:11-16
Pastor Christie
April 6 You Have the Power of the Resurrection
1. It has the power to save
2. It gives the power to serve
Acts 2:36-47
Pastor Christie
March 30 Praise God for Your Sure Hope and Imperishable Inheritance
A hope that proclaims Christ's resurrection even in suffering
An inheritance that fills us with glorious joy
1 Peter 1:3-9
Pastor Hermanson
March 23
Just As He Said!
He has risen!
We will see him!
Matthew 28:5-10
Pastor Ungemach
March 23
Easter Sunrise
I have Seen the Lord!
John 20:1-18
Pastor Hermanson
March 20
Maundy Thursday
The Acts and Facts of the Lord's Supper
Jesus gives it deliberately
We receive it thankfully
1 Corinthians 11:23-28
Pastor Christie
16 März
Jesus am Palmsonntag
1. Durch den Glauben sehen wir ihn in göttlicher Gestalt
2. Mit den Augen sehen wir ihn in Knechtsgestalt
Matthäus 21:1-9
Pastor Christie
March 16
Palm Sunday
Who is this "King"?
A Savior!
A Son of David!
The Blessed One who comes in the name of the Lord!
Matthew 21:6-11
Pastor Ungemach
March 12
Mid-week Lent
Crossroads: From Pilate to Herod and Back
1. From Pilate to Herd - Jesus the rebel
2. From Herod to Pilate - Jesus the reject
Luke 23:4-12
Pastor Christie
March 9 Jesus Fills Our Deepest Need
With a word of promise
With a word of power
John 11:17-27, 38-45
Pastor Christie
March 5
Mid-week Lent
Crossroads: The Sanhedrin to Pilate
1. See the Passion of Jesus' Enemies
2. See the Passion of Jesus
Matthew 27:1-2
Pastor Ungemach
March 1 Jesus Came to Serve and to Give His Life as a Ransom
But what is in it for me?
Matthew 20:17-28
Pastor Hermanson
February 27
Mid-week Lent
Crossroads: From Gethsemane to The Sanhedrin
1. Jesus was bound
2. Jesus was alone
Mark 14:42-52
Pastor Golm
February 24 Jesus IS the Light of the World
- He shines through natural darkness
- He exposes the true poverty of spiritual darkness
- He again reveals himself as God's Chosen Savior
John 9
Pastor Ungemach
February 20
Mid-week Lent
Crossroads: From the Upper Room to Gethsemane
Hear a hymn of praise
Hear a prophecy of desertion
Hear a promise of resurrection and reunion
Mark 14:26-31
Pastor Christie
February 17 Our Savior's Gentle Way with the Human Heart
Jesus carefully reveals the truth of our need
Jesus clearly points to himself as the only answer
John 4:5-26
Pastor Ungemach
February 13
Mid-week Lent
Crossroads: Traveling with Our Savior - From Bethany to Jerusalem
Faith in God shows itself in prayer
Faith in God shows itself in a forgiving spirit
Mark 11:12-14, 20-25
Pastor Hermanson
February 10 You Will Not Surely Die....
Satan's Lie
Jesus' Promise
Genesis 2-3
Pastor Christie
February 6
Mid-week Lent
Crossroads: Traveling with Our Savior - From Galilee to Judea
Mark 10:32-34
Pastor Hermanson
February 3 That's My Son!
1. The sights, 2. The sounds, 3. The sequel
Matthew 17:1-9
Pastor Christie
January 27 The Light Shatters Our Darkness and Calls Out "Come."
1. To the Law and Testimony
2. To the Love of Christ
Matthew 4:12-23
Pastor Hermanson
January 20 Look! The Lamb of God!
Learn of him
Share him with everyone
John 1:29-41
Pastor Ungemach
January 13 Sealed by the Spirit to be Our Savior
1. The Son accepts the work of atonement
2. The Father accepts the Worker of atonement
Matthew 3:13-17
Pastor Hermanson
January 6 Even Angles Are Amazed at God's Amazing Grace
Ephesians 3:2-12
Pastor Bauer

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