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New Years Eve A Resolution: Love more sincerely, deeply, from the heart in 2010
1 Peter 1:22-25
Pastor Ungemach
December 27
Are You Searching for Your Savior?
Where will you find him?
What will he be doing?
Luke 2:41-52
Pastor Hermanson
Christmas Day Our God Reigns!
+ He shatters the power of our oppressors
+ He showers us with gifts he alone can give
+ He inspires our shouts and songs of joy
Isaiah 52
Pastor Ungemach
Christmas Eve Candlelight Devotion
Based on Matthew 1:18-25
Pastor Hermanson
Christmas Eve Vespers Christ Puts the Merry in Christmas
Luke 2
Pastor Christie
Advent December 16
Your King Comes; Go Out to Meet Him:
How Shall I RECEIVE Him?
Isaiah 40:1-8
Pastor Ungemach
December 13
What Should I Do?
Luke 3:7-18
Pastor Christie
Mid-week Advent
December 9
Your King Comes; Go Out To Meet Him!
But How Shall I GREET him?
Psalm 118:25-29
Pastor Hermanson
December 6
What's So Special About the Baptist?
He is the Lord's Man + With the Lord's Word + Doing the Lord's Work
Luke 3:1-6
Pastor Christie
Mid-week Advent
December 2
Your King Comes; Go Out To Meet Him!
But How Shall I KNOW him?
Isaiah 62:10-12
Pastor Ungemach
November 29
Prepare to Abandon Ship
Do not be weighed down
Be ready and watching to greet your Redeemer
Luke 21-25-36
Pastor Hermanson
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving 101
+ Who? + What? + When? + Where? + Why? +
Luke 17:11-19
Pastor Christie
November 22
The Many Crowns of Christ
Kook - Criminal - King
John 18:33-37
Pastor Christie
November 15
Triumphant Saints Are Not Amazed
+ At the rising of the dead + At the final, Complete triumph of good over evil +
John 5:25-29
Pastor Ungemach
November 8
Money Doesn't Always Make a Man Rich
Riches that are really rags
"Rags" that are really riches
Luke 12:13-21
Pastor Christie
Reformation Sunday
November 1
The Almighty Says Repent and Reform, Each One of You
He has prepared a disaster for those who live in their evil
He has provided forgiveness so we can repent of our evil
Jeremiah 18:1-11
Pastor Hermanson
October 25
Our Marriages Need a Savior
The perfect union has been ruined
The ruined union has been restored
Genesis 2:18-24
Pastor Hermanson
October 18
Jesus Administers the Toughest Tests!
1. Regarding our attitude towards the faith of others
2. Regarding our personal temptations and distractions
Mark 9:38-50
Pastor Ungemach
October 11
Love Puts First Things First
Our sinful love puts itself first.
Jesus' sacrificial love put his Father first.
Our faith-filled love puts our Lord first.
Proverbs 3:5-10
Pastor Hermanson
October 4
Jesus Turns Everything Upside Down!
Mark 9:30-37
Pastor Christie
September 27
God's Angels Warn of a Coming Battle
+ Unparalleled Distress + Undeserved Deliverance +
Daniel 10:5-14; Daniel 12:1-3
Pastor Hermanson
September 20
He Does All Things Well
+ Personally + Compassionately + Powerfully + Deliberately +
Mark 7:31-37
Pastor Ungemach
September 13
What will you stake your future on?
Man's Traditions? Or God's Truth?
Mark 7
Pastor Christie
September 6
So What Do You Think?
I hate it... I love it...
John 6:60-69
Pastor Christie
August 30
Wisdom Cries Out for You and Me!
Wisdom cries out for those who lack judgment
Folly calls the simple to their death
Wisdom has prepared a banquet of life
Pastor Hermanson
August 23
Let the Children Come to Him!
Mark 10:13-16
Pastor Christie
August 16
Jesus Asks: What's more important to YOU?
Living beyond daily concerns?
Living ETERNALLY with no concern?
John 6:24-35
Pastor Ungemach
August 9
Look at Moses and See Christ
- As he requires perfect obedience
- As he offers sacrifices for sin
- As he ascends to God's glory
Exodus 24:3-11
Pastor Hermanson
August 2
United, We Stand!
Ephesians 2:13-22
Pastor Christie
July 26
The Master Sends His Messengers
Mark 6:7-13
Pastor Christie
July 19
Unbelief is only natural...
+ It amazes even Jesus! + But it does not stop him from speaking his Word! +
Mark 6:1-6
Pastor Ungemach
July 12
Where Will You Go When the Going Gets Tough
Mark 5
Pastor Christie
July 5
Be Faithful Citizens of God's Two Kingdoms
Romans 13:1-7
Pastor Hermanson
June 28
Based upon Mark 4:26-34 Pastor Christie
June 21
+ His family by birth + The family of Satan + His family by adoption! +
Mark 3:20-35
Pastor Ungemach
June 14
Based upon Mark 2:23-28 Pastor Hermanson
Trinity Sunday June 7 The Trinity Transforms a Petrified Prophet
Woe! + I'll Go!
Isaiah 6:1-8
Pastor Christie
May 31
Based upon John 14:25-27 Pastor Hermanson
8th Grade Graduation
Friday May 29
A Prayer for Faithfulness & Joy
3 John 2-4
Pastor Ungemach
May 24
Jesus' Love Is Powerful Stuff
+ It loves the unlovable + It gives us confidence + It drives out fear +
1 John 4:17-19
Pastor Christie
May 21
How Glorious Is Jesus in Your Eyes?
Luke 24:44-53
Pastor Hermanson
May 17
True Love is Easily Identified
+ It always comes from God
+ It always involves sacrifice
+ It always prompts response
+ It always generates more love
1 John 4:1-11
Pastor Ungemach
May 10
We've Got Connections
John 15:1-8
Pastor Christie
May 3
Scripture Proclaims the Word of Life
+ So that we may walk in God's pure light
+ So that we may have fellowship with one another
1 John 1
Pastor Hermanson
April 26
Jesus Gave His All
+ To be and remain our Good Shepherd
+ That we are and remain his sheep
John 10:11-18
Pastor Hermanson
April 19
From Paralysis to Peace...
From Peace to Proclamation
John 20:19-31
Pastor Ungemach
Easter Sunday
April 12
Easter: Exactly What You Wouldn't Expect!
Mark 16:1-8
Pastor Christie
Maundy Thursday
April 9
Forgive Us Through This Holy Supper
1. For the Lamb of God has died for our sins
2. Let us eat and drink the forgiveness he has won
Luke 22:14-20
Pastor Hermanson
Palm Sunday
April 5
The King Comes To His People
See the Sights, Hear the Sounds, Feel the Rejection
Mark 11:1-10
Pastor Christie
April 1
Forgive Our Misplaced Sorrow
1. We often ignore true sorrow over our sins
2. Father, make us truly repentant
Luke 23:26-31
Pastor Hermanson
March 29
Do You Want to See Jesus?
+ See him on his cross
+ See him in his glory
John 12:20-33
Pastor Christie
March 25
Forgive Us for Despising Our Savior's Claim!
1. We think that we are more important than he.
2. Father, let Jesus be the foundation of our lives
Mark 15:16-20
Pastor Ungemach
March 22
The Lord Shows Himself to Sinners
+ As Judge + As Savior +
Numbers 21
Pastor Christie
March 18
Forgive Us When We Abandon Your Truths!
We sometimes think they don't fit into our lives
Father, fit our lives to your eternal truths
John 18:33-38
Pastor Hermanson
March 15
Jesus Brings Peace to a House of Worship
By turning the focus truly on worship
By speaking amazing words of promise
John 2:12-22
Pastor Ungemach
March 11
Forgive Us When We Despise Your Great Salvation!
We sometimes demand earthly blessings that have not been promised.
Father, fix our eyes on the needs of our souls.
Matthew 27:15-26
Pastor Christie
March 8
Love Takes Up Its Cross
+ Christ's cross of atonement
+ Our cross of martyrdom
Mark 8:31-38
Pastor Hermanson
March 1
The Devil IS Good At What He Does
He is bold, He is brutal, He is beaten!
Mark 1:12-15
Pastor Christie
Ash Wednesday Lord Have Mercy on Me, a Sinner
Luke 18:9-14
Pastor Ungemach
February 22
We See Jesus in a Different Light
This is my Song + Whom I love + Listen to Him!
Mark 9:2-9
Pastor Hermanson
February 15
The Healing Touch of Jesus
+ Always demonstrates compassion
+ Always proves his power to do anything
+ Always inspires testimony
Mark 1:40-45
Pastor Ungemach
February 8
Jesus Can Handle It!
Sickness - Satan - Sin
Mark 1:29-39
Pastor Christie
February 1
It Was Anything But A "Common" Service!
Mark 1:21-28
Pastor Christie
January 25
I am Jesus, Whom You Are...
Amazing Grace to believe on his name
Amazing Grace to proclaim his name
Amazing Grace to suffer for his name
Acts 9:1-19
Pastor Hermanson
January 18
Come and See the Only One!
Who fulfills Scripture,
Who reads hearts, Who brings heaven
John 1:43-51
Pastor Ungemach
January 11
You Won't Believe What Happened at Work Today
Acts 16:25-34
Pastor Christie
January 6
Your Light Has Come
Isaiah 60:1
Pastor Ungemach
January 4
The People Were Divided Because of Jesus
John 7:40-43
Pastor Hermanson

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