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2022 Sermons

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Third Sunday after the Epiphany
January 22

God's Good News, Our Strength and Song in Dark Days

Acts 4:23-31

Pastor Hermanson
Second Sunday after the Epiphany
January 16

Do You Comprehend How Much Christ Loves You?

Ephesians 3:14-21

Pastor Ungemach
First Sunday after the Epiphany
January 9

Baptism: Mystery Upon Mystery, Defying Logic, Bestowing Salvation

Luke 3:15-22

Pastor Hermanson
January 6

God's Gospel Magic Is Amazing… Even to Magicians!

Matthew 2:1-12

Pastor Ungemach
Second Sunday after Christmas
January 2

Christmas — When the Impossible Becomes Possible


Pastor Bauer, SLHS

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