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Learning, Sharing, Serving – Christ!
In the world in which we live, things are in constant change! The financial times go in cycles. The hiring and laying off workers in companies comes and goes. Some businesses thrive for a while and then suddenly go out of business. The gap between what we know and what we need to know seems to grow. Schools are under greater pressure to make sure that the children we teach today are prepared to function in the world of tomorrow.

Our school is preparing students to live successful and meaningful lives in this complex world. We are teaching using the latest technology, methods, and educational techniques. But our school is doing even more. We are preparing our students to share Christ today and to serve him while here on earth. More importantly, we are preparing students and their families to live with Christ in eternity. Preparing students to learn, to share Christ, to serve him, and to live with him forever is what our school is all about.

Faith does not cost – It pays!
The education of your child is one of the most important choices you will ever make. An education at Faith provides many visible benefits and special invisible blessings bestowed by a gracious God. This folder has been designed to acquaint you with the total program at Faith.

We provide a moral foundation for our students that is the guiding light in all our programs. The foundation of Christ and his work of redemption will assure your child of having a purpose in all that your child does now and in the future. What price can you place on an education that lasts forever? What better guarantee can you get?

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