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Hot Lunch

We do not have a formal hot lunch program served everyday. Instead, the children for the most part bring sack lunches. The children in grades 6-8 may bring something from home to be heated in the classroom micro-wave oven. The children do have hot lunch brought in on the first and third Fridays. The lunches are purchased from Dominoes Pizza, David's Bistro, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. You order for the month or for the year and pay in the same manner.

Chapel Offerings

Each year we collect mission offerings at our weekly chapel services. The offerings are then sent to support special ministries operated by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. We usually collect over $2,000 per year which does not seem like a lot, but put together with offerings from 350 other WELS schools it adds up to over one-half million per year. We support ministries like Friends of China, the Apache schools, Christian Life Resources, and the Jesus Cares ministry.

Collection for Soldiers

Every November for the past six years, we have taken a special collection for the troops over seas. We send them care packages filled with notes, cards, food, candy, toiletries, and the like. Last year we collected over 10 boxes of supplies. The cards we receive back tell us that the soldiers are truly appreciative.

Food Pantry Collection

Every Thanksgiving we give a donation of food to the local food pantries. This past year we collected 305 pounds of food. The children learn that there are those in our community who need our love and concern.

Christmas Gift Collection

Instead of exchanging gifts for Christmas, the children are taught that it is better to give than to receive. Jesus was the gift God gave to us and what a gift it is. He rescues us from sin, death, and the power of the devil. He gives us forgiveness, life, and eternal salvation. Because of this, we not only want the children to share the message of Jesus with others, but we also want them to learn to give support to the less fortunate. Over the years we have given gifts to United Kids Hope United, to the Ronald McDonald House, to the Central Africa Medical Mission, and to the Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministries.

Nursing Homes

From time to time classes will visit local nursing homes to sing songs, play cards, and share educational activities with the residents. This is just one more opportunity for our children to be kind and caring to the elderly.

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