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Faith Lutheran School

Faith has been located on the south side of Antioch since 1971. Our building has 10 classrooms, gymnasium, and playground.

40 Years of Educational Excellence!

Faith Evangelical Lutheran School is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) school system. This system has over 350 schools and is the 4th largest private school system in the United States. The WELS has been operating schools for over 160 years.

Faith has been committed to education excellence from the beginning. While times and methods have changed, our commitment to educating the whole child has not.

Faith’s Philosophy and Goals

  • Growing in Faith
    The students are taught the eternal truths of the inerrant Word of God through which the Holy Spirit strengthens the faith received through Holy Baptism. We daily dedicate time to study God’s Word and also put Christ at the center of all learning experiences and all activities associated with the school.
  • Growing in Knowledge
    We have the responsibility to teach all academic subjects which will enable our students to be successful as they enter high school. We strive to equip them with the necessary skills and attitudes to be good citizens.
  • Growing in Christian Living
    As the Law and Gospel are taught, the Holy Spirit strengthens the faith of the children, fills their hearts with appreciation toward God, and gives them the desire to live lives of Christian service. The devil, the ideas of the world, and their own sinful flesh will constantly tempt the children to sin. But the teachers and pastors have the opportunity to apply the Law and Gospel to show them sin and need of a Savior, assure them of the forgiveness earned by Christ, and encourage them to live according to God’s will.

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