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The Home-School Connection

God had blessed parents with the gift of children.  Our school is here to assist parents in carrying out their God-given directive to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).  Communication is key when working in such a cooperative manner.  Therefore, there are a number of ways in we strive to build a better understanding of our curriculum, discipline methods, policies, and procedures.  We also desire to better understand your child by seeking input from you.

Home Visits – Each summer shortly before school begins, teachers will visit the homes of the children in their classrooms.  This visit will help teachers to better understand their children and help the parents to see the class management plan of the teacher and the basic goals and objectives of the subject matter to be taught that year.  More importantly, it gives the parents opportunity to ask questions and share concerns in the privacy of their home.

Parent-Teacher Conferences – Twice during the year, parents are strongly encouraged to attend parent-teacher conferences to discuss the spiritual, academic, physical, social, emotional, and aesthetic growth of the child.  The first conference is held after the first term in late October and the third term in late January.

Teacher Availability - Should parents have questions or concerns, we kindly ask that you bring them to the attention of the teacher by scheduling a conference with them at a mutually convenient time.  Please stop in the classroom after school, e-mail the teacher, or call the school office.  The teachers will make every effort to return the e-mail or phone call no later than the following day.

Classroom Visitation - As part of our open door policy, parents are welcome and encouraged to visit their child’s classroom to see educational activities. You may come to simply observe or may participate in the particular activity.  However, informing the teacher prior to the visit is necessary so that the teacher may prepare ways to involve the parent during the visit.

Volunteering – Parents are welcome to volunteer their services at Faith.  Parental help in so many ways enhances the educational experience of the children as well as keeps the cost of education down.  You may come for a day, one day a month, or weekly to help by reading a story, working with flash cards, putting up bulletin boards, chaperoning a field trip, or serving as a coach.

Anchor Newsletter – Each Thursday a weekly newsletter is sent home with school reminders, a weekly calendar, and brief articles of interest.  It is e-mailed and posted on the school’s website.  Parents are encouraged to read it so that they are informed regarding the scheduled activities of the school.


In keeping with the vision of our school to train disciples of Christ, we motivate the children to live for Christ because of all he has done for them.  He died on the cross to pay for all their sins.  He gives them the ability to lead God-pleasing lives, and he earned eternal life with him forever.  Therefore, in view of God’s mercy, the Christian’s response is to live a holy and God-pleasing life (Romans 12:1,2).

The school has rules to guide the children in their sanctified living.  The school wide rules are shared with all students and parents at the beginning of the year.  Conformity to these rules is expected at all times.  Respect for God, the teacher, and fellow students will also help each student to follow the rules.

Assuming the role of parent when the children are left under the teacher’s care is taken seriously by all involved.  Each teacher has expectations and guidelines to be followed in the room.  When part of the class management plan is broken, the teacher will discipline out of love for the Savior, child, and classmates.  Discipline comes from the word “disciple” meaning to teach.  Discipline is our way of teaching children to make proper choices, control the sinful flesh, and correct wrong understanding.  No form of corporal or emotionally abusive disciplinary measures are used.

In the event that a student fails to observe the standard of conduct, the disciplinary measures of time-out, loss of recess, detentions, and suspensions are put into place.  The staff has been trained to use God’s Law and Gospel in carrying out this discipling process.  Therefore, through prayer, Christian counseling through the Word, and love the staff seeks to help each child grow in his Sanctified living.

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