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Preparing our students spiritually and academically to face the opportunities and challenges of high school and beyond is our primary objective. However, we also give the children the chance to compete and participate in extra-curricular activities designed to develop the whole child. Therefore, we have various opportunities for the child to develop aesthetically, physically, and emotionally as well as spiritually and academically. We desire that each child discover what special gifts God has given to him or her. Then we encourage the student to use those gifts to God’s glory by serving others. Faith has a number ways that each child may develop those gifts.


Band and Orchestra

Faith participates with Shoreland Lutheran High School elementary school band and orchestra programs. Students in grades 5-8 are able to take instrumental lessons from qualified instructors during the school day. Lessons are given one day per week and group lessons are one evening a week at Shoreland Lutheran High School. Two times per year a combined band and orchestra concert is held. Children in grades 3-8 are eligible to take string lessons.  Fees for these lessons are handled by Shoreland.

Piano Lessons

Students in grades 1-8 are able to take piano instruction through several instructors. A number of the lessons are during the day while some are held after school. These students have the opportunity to use their skills at Wednesday morning chapel services or at several recitals during the year. Fees for these lessons are handled by the instructor.

Laker Junior Olympics

Each month all the students in grades K-8 participate in a two hour event called Laker Junior Olympics. These activities such as a Treasure Hunt, Scarecrow Making, and Snow Sculpture Building are designed to have the children across the grades work cooperatively and develop personal relationships. At the end of the school year, a track and field day is held between the teams.


We field a forensics team each spring to give many students in grades 5-8 the opportunity to develop public speaking skills.

Academic Fair

Each year in early spring, Faith participates in an academic fair at Shoreland Lutheran High School. The children in grades 5-8 compete in spelling, math, knowledge bowls, art, science, and more.  The purpose of the fair is to help children realize their academic abilities given them by God as well as teaching them to push themselves to complete a project.

School Fairs

The school has two Art Fairs per year where the K-8 children’s art projects from throughout the semester are on display in the church gathering space. In addition, we rotate between a Science Fair and a Social Studies Fair for children in grades 3-8.


In the spring of the year, we have an entertainment night where K3-K5 and Gr. 3-5 in one year, or Gr. 1-2 and 6-8 the following year put on a play or musical. This helps our children develop drama and musical performance skills.

On Saturday, May 6th nearly 450 people enjoyed a fun filled evening of entertainment as Faith Lutheran School presented Shrek The Musical Jr. in the auditorium of Antioch Community High School in Antioch.  What a great performance by the students and thank you to the many volunteers who spent countless hours in rehearsal, creating costumes, backdrops and assembling props.

Shrek Jr.

Shrek Jr.

Shrek Jr.

Shrek Jr.


An upper grade level geography bee is held in December or January as part of the National Geography Bee. We also participate in two spelling bees.  The one is the county-wide Scripp National Spelling Bee while the other is at SLHS.

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