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Adult Bible Class is held every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM and (after Labor Day) Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM (check calendar for up-to-date schedule). Refreshments and fellowship are enjoyed, on Sunday, beforehand in the church gathering area. A pastor, teacher or trained layman teaches these classes. Everyone is invited to attend. The studies may consist of:

  • Topics (eg. marriage, doctrinal differences)
  • Books of the Bible (eg. Genesis, Matthew)
  • Current Issues (eg. abortion, euthanasia)
  • Contact one of the pastors if you would like a certain topic discussed.

Current Topics of Study:

Sunday Morning Bible Study for 2019-2020:

Begins 9-15-19 to 9-29-19 @ 9:30AM

  • 10 for 10 Bible Study
    Macedonian's Generosity - David's Song of Thanksgiving - The Early Church's Joy and Shock

Begins 10-6-19 to 10-20-19 @ 9:30AM

  • The Book of Titus
    What We Kno Affects How We Live

Begins 10-27-19 to 12-15-19 @ 9:30AM

  • Prayer
    The Power and Privilege of Calling Out to God

Begins 1-5-20 to 3-8-20 @ 9:30AM

  • Chapters from I Kings
    The Wisdom and Work of King Solomon

Begins 3-22-20 to 4-5-20 @ 9:30AM

  • The Book of Lamentations
    The Weeping Prophet, The Weeping Savior

Begins 4-19-20 to 5-31-20 @ 9:30AM

  • Ministry to Millennials
    Reaching Out to Our Young Adults

Tuesday Evening Woman's Bible Study for 2019-2020: (4th Tuesday of Month)

8-27-19  @ 7PM (Christian Life Center)

  • The Sure Grasp of Faith

9-24-19 @ 7PM (Christian Life Center)

  • The Arch-Angel Michael in the Book of Revelations

Wednesday Evening Bible Study for 2019-2020: (also streamed live on the internet)

Begins 9-4-19 to 11-20-19 @ 7PM (Christian Life Center)

  • The Book of Job
    What God Teaches Us About Suffering

Begins 1-8-20 to 2-26-20 @ 7PM (Christian Life Center)

  • Prepare to Answer
    What Can We Say to Questions & Objections

Begins 3-4-20 to 5-13-20 @ 7PM (Christian Life Center)

  • The Book of I Corinthians
    Richly Blessed & Terribly Troubled

Wednesday Wisdom of the Ages for 2019-2020: (3rd Wednesday of Month)

Begins 9-18-19 to 11-20-19 @ 10:30AM (Golden Corral Gurnee IL)

  • The Book of Job
    What God Teaches Us About Suffering

Begins 1-15-19 to [email protected] 10:30AM (Docker's North Restaurant, IL)

  • Creation and the Fall!

Thursday Morning Women's Bible Study for 2019-2020:

Begins 9-5-19 to 11-7-19 @ 8:45AM

  • The Book of Revelations
    God Ruling Control in The End and Eternity

Begins 11-14-19 to 1-16-20 @ 8:45AM

  • How to Study Scripture
    The Power of Prayer in Our Study of Scripture

Begins 1-23-20 to 2-20-20 @ 8:45AM

  • The Book of I John
    God's Powerful Love For Us and In Us

Begins 2-27-20 to 4-9-20 @ 8:45AM

  • Predestination
    What Has God Predetermined For Us?

Begins 4-16-20 to 4-30-20 @ 8:45AM

  • The Book of 2 Peter
    God's Grace in the Trials of False Teaching

Begins 5-7-20 to 5-28-20 @ 8:45AM

  • To Be Determined

Men's Breakfast Bible Study for 2019-2020: (2nd Saturday of Month)

9-14-19  @ 8AM (Christian Life Center)

  • James I
    Trials vs. Temptations/Listening vs. Doing

10-12-19  @ 8AM (Christian Life Center)

  • James 2
    Faith in Action

11-9-19  @ 8AM (Christian Life Center)

  • James 3
    Sacred & Profane Wisdom and Speech

12-14-19  @ 8AM (Christian Life Center)

  • James 4
    The Look and Sound of God's Children

1-11-20  @ 8AM (Christian Life Center)

  • James 5
    Patient Prayers in Suffering

2-8-20  @ 8AM (Christian Life Center)

  • 2 Peter 1
    Confidence in Scripture and Our Calling

3-14-20  @ 8AM (Christian Life Center)

  • 2 Peter 2
    The Destruction of False Teachers

4-11-20  @ 8AM (Christian Life Center)

  • An Easter Topic

5-9-20  @ 8AM (Christian Life Center)

  • 2 Peter 3
    The Day of the Lord

Wisdom of the Ages is lead by Pastor Hermanson the third Wednesday of each month at 10:30 a.m. for a bible study and 11:30 a.m. for a luncheon at the Golden Corral in Gurnee. Anyone 55 years of age or old is invited to attend and bring a friend. They study various chapters of the bible.

We begin a new High School Bible Study on Sunday, April 15, in the altar guild room. Every member of our congregation has a role to fulfill. About what things should the teens of our congregation be concerned? How can you fulfill the vital role which God has given you? Our discussions will include:

The Congregation: A Family Affair

Worship: The Church Family Gathers around the Word

Spiritual Care: Encouraging One Another

Physical Care: Doing Good to One Another

Spiritual Growth: A Lifelong Journey

Evangelism: The Church Family Reaches Out

Leaders and Members: Working Together

Come, join Mr. Makinen, Mr. Schultz and the other members of Claimed on a journey to deeper appreciation of the important roles for high school students can play in our congregational life through the study of the Word!

Men of the congregation and visitors are invited to a Bible study. The group meets on the second Saturday of  each month (check our calendar for the next study) with a full breakfast served.

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