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December 31
New Year's Eve
Listen and Learn a Lesson of the Living God
The long history of His merciful love
The future certainty of His justice and salvation
Isaiah 51:1-6
Pastor Ungemach
December 30 The Great Christian Journey
1. From Slavery
2. To Son-ship
Galatians 4:47
Pastor Christie
December 24
Christmas Eve
He is Christ the Lord!
1. No ordinary birth
2. No ordinary Baby
Luke 2:11
Pastor Ungemach
December 19 To whom does Jesus Come?
He Comes with Enlightenment to Him Who Does Not Understand
Matthew 1:20-23
Pastor Hermanson
December 16 Patience! Patience! Waiting Christian
The Lord's coming IS near
He is full of compassion and mercy
James 5:7-11
Pastor Ungemach
December 12
Mid-week Advent
To whom does Jesus Come?
He Comes with Comfort to Him Who Waits
Luke 2:25-32
Pastor Curt Golm
December 9 Raise Your Eyes Toward Heaven in Repentance and Faith
1. He restores your sanity
2. He restores your position
Daniel 4:19-37
Pastor Hermanson
December 5
Mid-week Advent
To whom does Jesus Come?
He Comes with Proof To Him Who Doubts
Luke 1:18-20
Pastor Ungemach
December 2 Keep Your Advent Eyes Open!
Matthew 24:37-44
Pastor Christie
November 25 In the Midst of Savage Lawlessness Rises The King, Our Righteousness
Jeremiah 23.2-6
Pastor Hermanson
November 22
Thanksgiving In Anxious Times Leads to Peace and Lasting Contentment
Philippians 4:6-7,12-13
Pastor Ungemach
November 18 A Road Map for the Triumphant Saint...
Love > Grace > Encouragement > Hope > Strength
2 Thessalonians 2:16-17
Pastor Ungemach
November 11 What Do You Think of When I Say "Judgement Day?"
Heat? or Hope?
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Pastor Christie
November 4 Death Grip the Word of Life
John 8:31-36
Pastor Hermanson
October 28 What is Your Reason For Living?
Matthew 28:18-20
Pastor Hermanson
October 21 How to be Rich Toward God:
Give first-fruits, Give generously, Give cheerfully
Luke 12:13-21
Pastor Ungemach
October 14 Should Jesus Really Be Watching Our Wealth?
Mark 12:41-44
Pastor Christie
October 7 Should Jesus Really Be Talking About Money?
1. He hammers on dead hearts
2. He was hammered to the cross so dead hearts could live
Matthew 23:23-28
Pastor Christie
September 30 Jesus' Name Does Powerful Things!
It heals illnesses and overcomes demonic possession.
It overthrows Satan and binds the power of evil.
It creates faith in the hearts of sinners and reserves for us a place in heaven
Luke 10:17-20
Pastor Curt Golm
September 23 How Does a Sinner Become a Saint?
Remember who you once were
Rejoice in who you now are
1 Timothy 1:12-17
Pastor Christie
September 16 What is the Cost of Following Christ?
Your relationships? Your life? Everything you have? or Nothing?
Luke 14:25-33
Pastor Ungemach
September 10 Who Do We Think We Are?
Children humbled by our sin and by his grace.
Children exalted in our adoption and in our service
Luke 14:1, 7-14
Pastor Hermanson
August 26 What Are You Building?
A shack on the beach or a home on the Rock?
Matthew 7:24-27
Pastor Christie
August 19 What's YOUR Treasure?
Something you are terrified of loosing?
Or something indestructible and eternal
Luke 12:32-40
Pastor Ungemach
August 12 What Matters Most In Life Is Being Rich
1. Rich in Greed?
or 2. Rich in Grace?
Luke 12:13-21
Pastor Hermanson
August 5 The Lord Teaches People to Pray
Using his pattern
Praying with boldness
Praying persistently
Luke 11:1-13
Pastor Christie
July 29 The One Thing Needful
Luke 10
Pastor Christie
July 22 The Gospel Grows and Bears Fruit in the Hearts of God's Children
Colossians 1:1-14
Pastor Hermanson
July 15 Make the Most of Every Opportunity
Carry each other's burdens
Live to please the Spirit
Never weary of doing good
Boast only in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
Galatians 6
Pastor Ungemach
July 8 Based upon Galations 5
Pastor Curt Golm
July 1 The Biggest News in All Our Lives Is To Be Declared the Freed Children of God
Galations 3:23-29
Pastor Hermanson
June 24 What Will the Verdict Be When God's Gavel Comes Crashing Down?
1. The Law entirely condemns us sinners.
2. The Son completely saves us sinners through faith alone.
Galations 2:11-21
Pastor Hermanson
June 17 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted
Matthew 5:4
Pastor Andriy Honcharuk (Ukraine)
June 10 Hold tight to the true gospel
1. By Cherishing the One who called you by the grace of Chirst
2. By forsaking those who would pervert the gospel of Christ
Galatians 1:1-10
Pastor Curt Golm
June 3 I Would Love to Go Lord...
1. But my flesh says "No!"
2. But the world says "So!"
3. So God says "Go!"
Matthew 28:16-20
Pastor Christie
May 27 Lord, Pour Out Your Holy Spirit
1. On all people through Your Word
2. So that everyone calls on Your Name and is saved
Acts 2:1-21
Pastor Hermanson
May 20 Christ Prays for His Church of Believers
1. May they hold to the word of the Apostles.
2. May they grow in oneness of faith.
3. May they witness clearly to the world.
4. May the bask in God's glory both now and forever.
John 17:20-26
Pastor Hermanson
May 17
Based on Colossians 3:1-4
Pastor Christie
May 13 Big Blessings for Those in Tight Spots
1. Love that has no limit
2. Peace that drives out fear
John 14:23-27
Pastor Christie
May 6 It's All About LOVE!
A command of Christ
An expression of our faith in Christ
John 13:34-35
Pastor Ungemach
April 29
Good Shepherd and Confirmation Sunday
We Believe and Confess that Jesus is Our Savior
1. His words and works testify about him.
2. He has given us eternal life.
3. He and the Father are one.
John 10:22-30
Pastor Hermanson
April 22 Sing A Song!
Revelation 5
Pastor Christie
April 15 John 20
Pastor Ungemach
April 8
Behold the Hidden Glory of the Cross:
It is Hidden Even in the Savior's Triumph

Matthew 28:1-10
Pastor Hermanson
April 8
Easter Sunrise
The Resurrection Puts Everything in Its Place
John 20:1-18
Pastor Christie
April 5
Maundy Thursday
Remember Who's Meal This Is
God's Guests, God's Menu, God's Deliverance
Exodus 12
Pastor Christie
April 1
Palm Sunday
Behold Your King!
Emptied... Humbled... HONORED...
Philippians 2:5-11
Pastor Ungemach
March 28
Mid-week Lent
Behold the Hidden Glory of the Cross: It is Hidden in Powerful Words
1. On the cross there is glory hidden in words
2. That glory hidden in words is powerful beyond imagination
Based upon Luke 23:32-43
Pastor Hermanson
March 25
The Only Way to Become Spiritually Rich
1. Lose it all
2. Gain it all
Philippians 3:7-11
Pastor Christie
March 21
Mid-week Lent
Behold the Hidden Glory of the Cross: It is Hidden in the Savior's Stumbling
1. See - he stumbled under the crushing weight of the cross.
2. We will too.
3. We need his help beneath the weight of the cross.
Mark 15:17-21
Pastor Ungemach
March 18
Celebrate With Me, My Dead Son Is Alive Again
1. I have forgiven my repentant son.
2. Celebrate with me, your brother is alive.
Luke 15:1-3, 11-32
Pastor Hermanson
March 14
Mid-week Lent
Behold the Hidden Glory of the Cross: It Is Hidden in the Savior's Rejection by the World
1. The world does not understand the message of the cross, nor does it want to.
2. We go up to his cross under the cross of that hostility.
John 18:33-19:1
Pastor Christie
March 11
Jesus Offers a Timely Warning to Hearts Asking "Why?"
Luke 13:1-9
Pastor Ungemach
March 7
Mid-week Lent
Behold the Hidden Glory of the Cross: It is Hidden in the Savior's Rejection by His Own People
1. That rejection comes from those who should know better.
2. Again we need to hear, "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation."
Matthew 26:57-68
Pastor Hermanson
March 4
One Savior - Two Reactions
1. Reject him
2. Believe him
Luke 13:31-35
Pastor Christie
February 28
Mid-week Lent
Behold the Hidden Glory of the Cross:
It is Hidden in the Savior's Sighs
1. Love required his whole attention
2. Need requires our whole attention
Luke 22:39-46
Pastor Ungemach
February 25
Faith Trusts Solely in Jesus' Death and Resurrection
Romans 10:1-17
Pastor Hermanson
February 21
Ash Wednesday
Behold the Hidden Glory of the Cross:
Hidden in the Savior's Solitude
Luke 18:31-32
Pastor Christie
February 18
It IS Good For Us To Be HERE!
1. To see Jesus in all his glory
2. To hear his Father's endorsement
3. To be quieted and prepared to watch and listen closely
Luke 9:28-36
Pastor Ungemach
February 11 The Kingdom of God Turns Everything Upside Down
Luke 6:17-26
Pastor Christie
February 4 Master, Because You Say So...
1. I will believe
2. I will follow
Luke 5:1-11
Pastor Herrmanson
January 28 Was It Something He Said?
Luke 4:20-32
Pastor Christie
January 21 Jesus Leaves No Doubt That He's the ONE!
Luke 4:14-21
Pastor Ungemach
January 14 Shout Aloud, "Your Savior Loves You!"
Isaiah 62:1-5
Pastor Hermanson
January 7 Pastor Bauer

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